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Miss Universe Aruba donates her outfit to the Aruba Aloe Factory

Miss Universe Aruba donates her outfit to the Aruba Aloe Factory

Last year, Aruba Aloe proudly sponsored Thessaly Zimmerman and her outfit for her participation in the Miss Universe 2021 in Israel on the 12th of December. As a part of this collaboration, Thessaly donated her outfit to the Aruba Aloe Factory during the press conference, which took place at the Hato facility on the 19th of January 2022.

During the press conference, Thessaly shared her experience of being the Miss Universe representative for our small island and being able to share such an important part of Aruba’s history and culture with the rest of the world in the form of her outfit, which represented Aruba’s aloe. Thessaly gave a special thanks to the designer and creator of the outfit, Richard Ramirez, her make-up designer Andrew Curiel, the one who thought of the theme for the clothing Julio Andrews, George Bislip for helping her get the clothing on time, Kuro Muller her photographer and Star Promotion and their national director Anouchka Koolman, for their tremendous support. All these people played an important role in making this outfit a reality.

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