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Going Beyond the Green of our Aloe Fields

Going Beyond the Green of our Aloe Fields

The Green Aruba Conference (October 26 – 31) is a reminder that going green is as important as ever on Aruba.  Over recent years we have joined the green crusade in order to contribute to a greener island. Our company strives to make sustainable choices in all areas of our business, from the field to the shelf.  

In the fields surrounding our factory facility in Hato, we do not use any chemical fertilizers, and harvesting is done by hand. We are currently working to install a new drip system in our fields to reduce water usage.

We strive to use plant-based and responsibly sourced ingredients whenever possible, including natural herbal extracts, organic essential oils, and of course, its homegrown aloe vera. In the second half of 2014, we stopped using paraben in all our products, and in December 2014, we proudly launched a sulfate-free haircare collection.  Furthermore, our company has never tested its products on animals.

In 2011, we switched to using 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic to package our Aruba Aloe sun, hair, and bodycare products. Half of our gift bags are made from coconut fiber, and our company works with Thai artisans to create eco-friendly, socially responsible gift set boxes.  Our shopping bags and packing materials are made from recycled paper.

For our newer retail stores, we worked with local design company Rustica Design to craft furniture from upcycled palette wood and other recycled materials.  At our office and stores, we use recycled paper for many of our flyers and business cards.  

We continue to look for ways to be more sustainable in our practices.  This eagerness to develop and better ourselves is precisely why our company has survived and thrived as a business on the island for the last 125 years.  

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