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Weltbeste Aloe

Revitalisierende Tagescreme mit LSF 30

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✓ Smooth, and luminous skin
✓ Help fight signs of aging
✓ Paraben-free
✓ Protects your skin from the sun 


Unsere ganztägige revitalisierende Feuchtigkeitscreme mit Lichtschutzfaktor 30 nutzt die Kraft von reinem Aloe Vera Gel aus Aruba in Kombination mit natürlichen Kräuterextrakten, um für weiche, glatte und strahlende Haut zu sorgen.

Unsere ganztägige revitalisierende Feuchtigkeitscreme mit Lichtschutzfaktor 30 wurde zur Bekämpfung von Zeichen der Hautalterung entwickelt und schützt Ihre Haut außerdem vor der Sonne, um künftigen Schäden durch UV-Strahlen vorzubeugen. Diese Feuchtigkeitscreme ist parabenfrei.


Customer Reviews

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Michaela May
feels smooth and refreshing

The Revitalizing Day Cream is good to apply on your face and the skin feels very smooth and soft!

Marijke B.

Pefect, as allways....

Mary P.
all day moisturizer with SPF 30

Disappointed with product and new packaging. First of all it has an off odor of perhaps chlorine or some cleaning product.The amount of product is only about a third of the previous jar cream but still at the same price and last of all, I do not care for the texture of my facial skin after using the product for a week. I would not repurchase this product. Bring back the previous facial cream with SPF 15

Anglela M.
Better, not better

I love that the SPF was upped from 15 to 30! I also love that the new dispenser meters the right amount. But when the dispenser is empty, there's no way to tell. The scent is not as pleasing as the old version. For the significant price increase, I am disappointed. The is the first AA product that I have not absolutely adored.

Leslie P.
I miss the old formula

I miss the old formula in the bottle with a cap. This mixture seems to be thicker and leaves my skin paler than it is. Aruba Aloe, please bring back your old formula. Please.

Revitalisierende Tagescreme mit LSF 30
50 ml - €65,99
  • 50 ml - €65,99

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