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3 reasons why you should have Aruba Aloe Vitamin E Skin Care Gel at home

3 reasons why you should have Aruba Aloe Vitamin E Skin Care Gel at home
 1. Catching the last rays of sun at the end of a busy day?
The sun during spring season is stronger than you might think. In these kinds of unguarded moments your skin can burn and pigment spots can appear. With Aruba Aloe Vitamin E Skin Care Gel you can reduce the damage to your skin and help your skin get a natural glow.
Vitamin E is a wonderful antioxidant. This vitamin ensures that your skin burns less quickly, it limits the cell damage caused by the sun and, in combination with vitamin C, it helps protect your skin. In addition, vitamin E helps firm your skin, so in future you will be better protected against the well-known "harmful external influences."
2. Troubles after shaving? Like red skin, rash or itching?
Shaving can cause serious skin irritation, also for men. With the right technique and care you can prevent a lot of unwanted side effects.
Thoroughly clean your skin before you shaving and use a good shaving product. Apply Aruba Aloe Vitamin E Skin Care Gel on the skin, directly after shaving and you will notice a positive difference. This gel is even described as ‘a miracle’ by clients.  The combination of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E soothes, nourishes and repairs irritated skin. And its cooling effect ensures that the burning sensation disappears immediately after shaving. Make your shaving experience a pleasant one!
Tip: Aruba Aloe Vitamin E Skin Care Gel is a bestseller for men, for a good reason!
3. Dry legs? Itching after an insect bite? Rash? Small (burn) wound?
The vitamins, minerals and pure Aloe Vera in this beneficial gel reduce irritations and support the self-healing ability of your skin.
It certainly is no luxury to have a bottle in the house for all skin emergencies.
And one last tip: No more eyelash extensions? Did you know that you can also use this gel to help restore your lashes? Every evening (after cleansing!) Put a small amount of Aruba Aloe Vitamin E Skin Care Gel on a brush and leave it on your lashes overnight. We bet your lashes will look better soon.

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